Richardson Trophy Matches 2020:

Richardson Trophy Matches for 2020 have sadly been cancelled due to Coronavirus

CHESHIRE v Durham                   5th June  -   Friday    -      Delamere Forest Golf Club      

CHESHIRE V Northumberland     12th June  -  Friday    -    Delamere Forest Golf Club

CHESHIRE v Lancashire              17th July  -  Friday    -     Delamere Forest Golf Club  

Yorkshire v CHESHIRE                 23rd July  - Thursday  -  Oakdale Golf Club   

Cumbria v CHESHIRE                  30th July  - Thursday  -   Silloth Golf Club  


Richardson Trophy Matches 2019:

 Northumberland v CCSLGA       5th June  10.30am  -      Westerhope Golf Club           WON   1 - 6  

Durham v CCSLGA                     7th June  10.00am  -       Blackwell Grange Golf Club   HALVED   3.5 - 3.5

Lancashire v CCSLGA                5th July   10am  -  West Lancashire Golf Club    WON   3 - 4

CCSLGA v Yorkshire                  8th July  10am   -  Royal Liverpool Golf Club     WON  4 - 3

CCSLGA v Cumbria                  28th July   9.30am  - Royal Liverpool Golf Club   WON  5 - 2

 19 v Cumbria

The succesful Cheshire Seniors Team celebrating, with the President and Captain holding the

RICHARDSON TROPHY, after the final match of 2019 played against Cumbria on July 28th

 19 v Yorks

The Cheshire and Yorkshire Teams on the balcony at Royal Liverpool on July 8th

19 v Lancs

The successful Team who beat Lancashire in a close match at West Lancashire GC on 5 July


Other Matches 2019:

CCSLGA v North Wales Counties           27th March          Heswall GC - WON 4-0 

Barbara Jamieson/Sara Spencer W 4/3 v Ann Lewis/Ann Thomas L

Cath Rawthore/Gill Mellor W 6/5 v Jeanette Williams/Mair Elund Jones L

Caroline Berry/Ali Hunt W 4/3 v Paulene Williams/Ali Greenwood L

Barbara Laird/Cathy Day W 4/3 v Pam Valentine/Dawn Jones L

CCSLGA v Cheshire Senior Men           31st March           Royal Liverpool GC - LOST 0.5 - 4.5 

Barbara Laird/Jeanne Bell H v Martin Grimley/Peter Tomlinson H

Maureen Richmond/Sara Spencer L v John Williams/Martin Keates W 1up

Gill Mellor/Jane Burke L v Andrew Hill/Martin France W 4/2

Cathy Day/Ali Hunt L v Chris Mitchelson/Don Campbell W 7/6

Alison Black/Carole Ryder L v Ron Harrison/Dave Heaton W 4/3

CCSLGA v CCLGA 'A'                             7th April              Wallasey GC - WON   5 - 3

Barbara Jamieson H v Poppy Finlay H

Cath Rawthore W 3/2 v Megan Sumner L

Caroline Berry H v Olivia Lowe H

Jeanne Bell W 4/3 v Freya Johnson L

Gill Mellor W 4/3 v Amy Toft L

Jane Burke L v Lauren Jones W 4/2

Alison Hunt W 3/2 v Lauren Drake L

Cathy Day L v Jo Harrison W 1up

CCSLGA v Cheshire Girls                      22nd September   Caldy GC