Competition Conditions

Conditions of Competitions

Entries: When entering a competition, competitors are requested to use the forms on the CCSLGA Web Site. Entry forms must be sent to the Competition Secretary, accompanied by a cheque made payable to CCSLGA. Entries cannot be accepted without entrance fees and no block bookings can be accepted. The closing date for entries will be two weeks before the competition. Late entries may be accepted if the time sheet is not full but cannot be accepted for the Championship. For the Championship the forty lowest handicaps will play the qualifying round. Single entries will be accepted and a partner found if possible.

Cancellation: Entry fees will only be refunded if the organiser is notified more than 48 hours before the competition.

Starting Times: Competitors should report to the starter five minutes before their starting time. Failure to start on time is covered by Rule 6-3. The Committee may choose to employ Rule 33-7.

Active Handicap Certificates: These must be shown on checking in. If not available, the player may arrange for a copy to be sent or faxed to the Competition Secretary. This must arrive before the player completes her round. A competitor who is out of the handicap limit on the day of the competition may play but not compete.

Score Cards: These are deemed to have been returned when they are placed in the box provided or handed to the Competition Secretary.

Ties: Ties shall be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 holes then over the front nine using the same formula.

Buggies: The use of a buggy by an individual is permissible if allowed by the Host Club. Please note that buggies are not allowed in the Championship.

The County will not accept liability for any accident, injury or damage.

Insurance: All members taking part in Competitions must ensure they hold third party liability insurance.

Balls: In the Championship, balls listed on the R&A list of conforming balls must be used.

Caddies: Professional golfers may not act as caddies.

Adverse Playing Conditions: Suspension of play will be signaled by the method determined by the Club and advised to competitors. The Competition Secretary will decide on any changes to the format which are considered necessary.

Decisions: The decision of the Competition Secretary or designated Committee member will, in all matters, be final. 

Distance Measuring Devices may be used in competitions